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Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing is all about picking a product, promoting it and then earning a commission. In this blog we are going to share with you some of the Affiliate Marketing Programs out on the web today that you can select to earn money and these websites are simple to join. Just sign up and start promoting and see your results grow. The products we are sharing will give you recurring commission. Once a customer purchases the product and remains a customer you will be earning a recurring commission every month. View the list of Affiliate Marketing Programs below:


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GetResponse is an email marketing service. It is a Comprehensive Email Marketing tool for all uses. GetResponse offers an online platform for email marketing software, landing page creator, webinars hosting and much more. GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing software platform that helps you create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your business online.



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TubeBuddy is a tool to help youtubers to grow their YouTube channel(s). It is 100% free to join, nothing is required from any country you want, just sign up to promote TubeBuddy to earn commissions. TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.



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ActiveCampaign another email marketing affiliate program. For every Active Campaign customer shared through your free referral link, they pay you a minimum of 20% of the subscription price paid. GetResponse and ActiveCampaign use these email marketing services when you refer a customer it is difficult to leave these services because the customer will import all their contacts, they will build  their sales funnels therefore all their data will be saved in their services. So leaving such services is somewhat hard. In most cases the majority of customers will stay with these services and you will earn a recurring commission on a monthly basis.



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SEMrushis an SEO service company, it provides you with a lot of tools to rank your website and to get more organic traffic.



ClickFunnelsis one of the top services in creating sales funnels.