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Free Software For Your Computer 2022

Free Software For Your Computer 2022

Looking for FREE software for your computer in 2022, all free programs listed below work on Windows, MAC OS and Linux. The following programs are free of cost and open source with the source code freely available t0 the public to view, modify and distribute for any purpose.


waterfox small logo

Waterfox  is based on Firefox. The way to surf the web. Striking the perfect balance of privacy and usability. Waterfox collects your operating systems and browser versions to check for updates. You also get full access to Firefox addons with thousands of extensions and themes to choose from. When you launch Waterfox the look is similar to Firefox with many of the same features. There is a search bar and a handy speed dial to quickly access your favourite website. The default search engine is Bing. Waterfox includes the Firefox screenshot tool. It is available for Windows, MAC OS and Linux.


smplayer small logo

SMPlayer is a good alternative to VLC media player. It supports most of the well-known file formats both audio and video formats and codecs. Other features include the ability to change the playback  speed, subtitle support and you can change the look of the player with skin and icon themes. The most useful feature is the auto bookmark feature, which works very well when watching a television show or a movie. SMplayer is only available for Windows and the selected distros of Linux.


officeonly small logo

ONLYOFFICE is a good free alternative software for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint. Their compatibility with Microsoft Word and Excel is nearly flawless but their Powerpoint alternative still needs some work. ‘Document’ is what they call their Word alternative, ‘Spreadsheet’ is what they call their Excel alternative and ‘Presentation’ is what they call their Powerpoint alternative. ONLYOFFICE also has an online version and products geared towards businesses. It offers a secure online office suite highly compatible with MS Office formats. Connect it to your web platform for document editing and collaboration. It is available for Windows, MAC OS and Linux.


bleach bit small logo

BleachBit is one of the best open source software cleaners you can get to free up disk space and optimize your system. It is feature packed to help your computer to run more smoothly and to maintain your privacy.  It deletes cookies, it deletes logs, removes temporary files and clears cache and internet history. In addition it also cleans dozens of programs including Google Chrome, Firefox, Skype, VLC media player and many others. It is available for Windows, MAC OS, Linux and special editions of Email Servers.


Visual Studio Code small logo

Visual Studio Code this free open software is designed for programmers. It is a code editor for Microsoft that is free for personal and commercial use. It is built on an MIT license with the source code freely available on GitHub for the community to explore and contribute to. Features include support for debugging code refactoring and intelligent code completion. It is also highly customizable with extensions to add languages debuggers and other tools to help with your development workflow.  You can also change the theme and keyboard shortcuts. It has a great looking uncluttered layout.  It is available for Windows, MAC OS and Linux.