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How To Increase Your Visitor Traffic Using These 9 Websites

You may ask the question, “How to get more visitors?” The method we are going to discuss in this post involves copying and pasting your content, such as blog posts, onto different popular, well-known websites that already have a large number of visitors. By being consistent, we believe you can attract thousands of new users to your website.

Remember to use the websites below to publish your articles. These websites have a lot of visitors, and your articles can be found by people who are searching for related topics. This can help increase the traffic to your website.

These websites listed below have a high rank and high domain authority on search engines like Google, which means that your articles can show up in search results and bring even more traffic to your website. Additionally, by creating internal links within your articles, you can direct readers back to your website and generate more traffic.

These websites receive millions of visitors each month.

Start by going to, a social platform popular in Canada, USA, and top-level countries. Register and share your post. You can create a blog within Tumblr, similar to other social platforms. Share your articles on Tumblr with relevant hashtags. Tumblr receives approximately 300 million visits per month.

To share your posts, you need to register on Tumblr. If you already have an account, sign in. Tumblr allows you to create a blog within the platform easily. Simply navigate to the appropriate section, and add a link, a picture, and written content.

It is similar to any other social platform adding relevant hashtags and more. Keep in mind that Tumblr requires a dedicated video for a comprehensive tutorial. Take notes and learn about Tumblr, create an account, and cultivate your Tumblr profile while simultaneously growing your website. You will attract high-quality traffic from Tumblr.

Secondly go to, where you will join subreddits and create your subreddit. Search for communities and subreddits related to your niche. Engage with people and share your articles on Reddit.

Reddit offers two fundamental functions: joining subreddits and creating a special subreddit. Once you have registered and signed in, click on “Create Community.” It’s an open community where everyone can join and engage with you.


LinkedIn is not just a platform for sharing links in your feed. If you have an account, great! If not, sign up. LinkedIn is currently one of the best social media networks for website growth and generating traffic. Within your account, click on ‘write article’ instead of making a regular post. Copy and paste your article into your LinkedIn profile.

Paste the headline, and copy and paste your article. It takes less than a minute to publish an article on LinkedIn.

Utilize the platform to share your articles and broaden your awareness. Take advantage of the opportunity to write articles directly on LinkedIn, benefitting further from enhanced visibility within the platform’s search results.

Additionally, LinkedIn serves as an effective conduit for driving traffic to your website. Be mindful not to worry about duplicate content, simply share your articles, ensuring you add a link or summary to direct traffic back to your website.

The primary goal is to foster awareness, acquainting individuals with your content, and cultivating an expanding readership. Assist search engines in understanding the essence of your LinkedIn article by providing descriptive alt text while incorporating relevant links.

LinkedIn ranks highly on Google, amplifying your potential for capturing traffic. Embrace LinkedIn, create an account, and distribute your content, driving visitors to your site.


Quora is a question-and-answer website, but we are not suggesting that you answer questions and include links. No! On Quora, you can create a space.

Once you are logged in, go to your profile and click on “Spaces” from the menu. Then, click on “Create a new space” and follow the instructions to set it up.

In your space, you can share content such as blog posts, articles, or any valuable information related to your niche. Copy and paste your article from your blog onto your Quora space. Make sure to format it properly and include relevant images if necessary.

Quora has a massive user base, and by sharing your content in a space, you can attract a targeted audience interested in your topic. This can drive traffic to your website and increase your online visibility.


Medium is an online publishing platform where people share their thoughts, stories, and expertise. It has a built-in audience of millions of readers.

To get started, create an account on Medium. Once you are logged in, click on your profile picture and select “New story” from the dropdown menu. Simply copy and paste your blog post into the editor and make any necessary formatting adjustments.

Medium allows you to add tags to your story, which can help increase its visibility. Add relevant tags related to your content to attract readers who are interested in your niche.

By publishing your content on Medium, you can tap into its vast user base and potentially gain exposure to new readers who may visit your website, subscribe to your blog, or engage with your content.

Establish a blog on Medium and share your articles, incorporating a link to your website. Strive to maintain a balanced approach, avoiding excessive link usage within your articles.

Medium’s prominent position in search engine rankings, alongside its vast user base, ensures a considerable opportunity for attracting visitors to your website. Be sure to integrate one or two relevant links within each article, providing an avenue for readers to delve further into your content.

Medium also presents an impressive source of potential traffic, enjoying around 175 million visits per month.

Facebook is a platform well-known by all. To leverage its potential, create a Facebook page for your website, providing your audience with updates and news. Additionally, establish a group a space where people can convene, converse, and interact.

As a result, construct both a page and a group on Facebook, allowing you to distribute your content and generate awareness. When sharing your content on Facebook, take care to compose engaging posts that captivate readers’ attention.

Avoid simply pasting the link without providing context. Since many people search Facebook for information, adopting this approach increases your likelihood of appearing in search results and organically expands your reach on the platform.

Assemble a Facebook page and group, both tailored to your online business, and commence sharing your content, garnering awareness and engagement.

Twitter is another platform with which you are likely acquainted. If you do not possess an account, create one, establishing a presence on Twitter. Upon publishing your content, share it on Twitter as well, availing hashtags relevant to your niche.

Embrace interactions, paste links, and seize the opportunity to capture traffic deriving from Twitter. Twitter boasts immense potential for expanding your reach and triggering a surge in website hits.

Pinterest, where you will create pins to drive traffic. Once signed up, generate captivating pins using Canva or similar design tools like Microsoft Designer. Upload the image onto Pinterest, providing a description and incorporating relevant hashtags for enhanced discoverability.

As Pinterest allows links by default, paste your website link into the description. Employing this approach ensures visibility within Pinterest search results, attracting interested users and channeling them to your website.


Transform your blog article into a YouTube video or create short snippets like YouTube Shorts. By altering the format of your content, you diversify your reach and expand your audience.

Explore, where you can transform articles and videos into visually appealing presentations, further bolstering your visibility.


In summary, use this method of copying and pasting your articles onto popular well-known websites to get more visitors/ traffic to your own website. This can help increase your website’s visibility, attract organic traffic from search engines, and create brand awareness.

You only need to dedicate 20 or 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days, and you will see the results. Give it a try, and you will witness its effectiveness.

The key is to leverage existing platforms with an established user base to reach a wider audience.

Keep in mind, that it is not about spamming or copying someone else’s content. It is about repurposing your own valuable content and sharing it across different platforms to maximize its reach.

Remember to be consistent, post regularly, and engage with your audience to build a loyal following.

Keep in mind that this process requires time and discipline. As a beginner, allocating an hour or two each day to implement these strategies yields exponential growth.

We believe this method will help you drive traffic to your blogs and websites in a short amount of time.