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How To Increase Followers On Instagram

Getting a more significant number of likes and increasing followers on Instagram is the goal of all influencers, companies that use Instagram, and freelancers who want to attract Instagram users’ attention.

Achieving this goal, however, is not easy. Below are some simple to-do tips for you to ensure that your Instagram profile can grow at its best.

1. Use the Biography: Description and Link.

To get new followers on Instagram, you must also take care of your bio. After all, that’s where users go in search of information about you! So, explain in a few words who you are and why you deserve to be followed and don’t forget to include the link to your blog or website.

In stories or posts, you can also write phrases like “follow the link in bio to find out more.” Thus, you will effectively increase the traffic from the social network to your site or blog.

2. Study the reaction of your Followers on Instagram.

It is no secret to anyone that the owners of famous Instagram accounts have a love-hate relationship with their fans. It all depends on the type of content that person constantly offers them.

If the reaction is negative, you must act quickly to avoid a massive “unfollow” campaign. The last thing you need is a misunderstanding that generates more controversy, preventing you from gaining followers on Instagram.

The algorithm to increase followers on Instagram is very clear; the better reaction you receive from your fans, the higher the possibility of appearing in the suggestion option.

3. Identify the most Convenient Time for Posts.

Why should you be aware of this? As illogical as it may sound, not all people are active at the same time you want to upload original content to your profile. If you really want to get followers on Instagram for free, put yourself in the shoes of your fans.

If you upload a post in the morning and it has almost no interaction, try it again in the afternoon but with another approach so that it is not very obvious, and you will see the difference.

Do the same at night or at dawn. Remember that many users have problems sleeping early, and in general, this should be one of your great reasons to increase followers on Instagram.

4. Learn how to Curate your Content.

To get new followers on Instagram in a completely natural way, you need to take extreme care of your content.

Remember to choose photographs that are capable of capturing attention, are original, that can make you stand out in the crowd.

It is also good that the images harmonize with each other, creating a sense of homogeneity. Under each image, you must always enter a text. You must try to tell something more about the image. In short, text and words must go hand in hand.

Whenever possible, inserts a call to action. For example, invite your followers to leave a comment or invite anyone who has come to your page to follow you.

5. Create Links with other Instagram Users.

Instagram is a social network, and as such, it is normal that it is possible to obtain excellent results by enhancing social relationships.

Browse the profiles that seem similar to yours or with which you think you have something in common. Leave as many likes as possible and, above all, comment on the content.

Thanks to the comments, the exchange of ideas, and the discussions, you will have the opportunity to receive likes and comments on your profile. And at what point, turning a passing user into a real follower will be pretty easy for you? Seeing is believing.

6. Instagram and Facebook: An Inseparable Link.

Finally, you need to remember that you have to connect your profile on Facebook to your personal profile or a page if you want to increase your followers on Instagram.

This way, you can post content on both social networks at the same time, as well as share stories. Friends and your followers on Facebook thus have the opportunity to discover your content and can decide to turn into Instagram followers.

In Conclusion

If you manage to apply the above tips effectively, the chances of gaining more followers and being successful will increase considerably.

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