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Tips For Selling on Facebook Marketplace

In this article, we are going to point out tips/guidelines selling on Facebook Marketplace and to notice possible scams.

The bottom line when it comes to selling on Facebook Marketplace is to reach an agreement, settle on the meetup point and close the deal. Before this happens the first thing you are going to want to do is, you are going to want to check their profile and make sure that there’s nothing scammy about it. What we mean by this is, there are sometimes fake profiles that look like a scam or there are sketchy profiles that you might not want to necessarily risk your personal safety for in order to make that deal happen.

The other thing you’re going to want to settle on are the payment methods as well as the meetup times and places so when it comes to payment methods personally we recommend Venmo for digital payments. The reason why is because once somebody sends you a Venmo payment not only does this mean the buyer is serious about purchasing your product but more so they can’t just claw it back and it’s also convenient and easy to use. However other alternatives that people often use in Facebook Marketplace are PayPal, Zelle as well as cash.

When it comes to the meetup location we recommend a public place such as a Supermarket or Mall. The key is that there are other people around during the actual exchange of the transaction.  

In the case where you want the buyer to come to you, we personally recommend that you give a cross street that is close to you and then meet up with the buyer at that point. That way you don’t have to give away your exact location.

In the hours leading up to the meetup, we recommend that you send a quick message just to confirm that everything is still on. From our experience, there are three main guidelines or tips or things to look out for when it comes to selling on Facebook Marketplace and the buyers.

The first one is that they always talk really early on about logistics. They want to settle on when and where they’re going to be able to meet up with you in order to get the product off your hands.

The second one, they are often very responsive. In other words, if you send them a message they respond back really quickly. People that are flaky and tend to be scammy generally take days between responses and they are not really that great to work with when it comes to selling things on Facebook Marketplace.

The third one, that’s commonly the case and to know it is not a scam, is that these people also will offer and find alternatives to the situation where the time and place is of concern and doesn’t work for them.


So looking for these three tips or guides can be an effective way for you to weed out those that are interested from those who are scammy and wasting your time. If the deal does not work out and your item doesn’t sell, no worries, don’t be afraid to just click the repost button and relist that item again.

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