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How to Create Your Product Listings on Facebook Marketplace

In this article, we will discuss, a few ways and tips for selling your product on Facebook Marketplace that you can improve your Facebook Marketplace listings to sell things faster. We used this exact method in order to get more views, more buyers reaching out and more deals closed. Facebook Marketplace is for businesses or individuals who wish to sell their new or used items around their house or in the business place.

1st Step – This is to take stock of the items you are selling and the condition that they are in.

You will need to take several pictures of the item(s) from multiple angles. We recommend that you do not use stock images because it comes off as less authentic than those that are natural images of the actual item. You can use any camera or mobile phone that you have available but make sure the images are clean and the product is easily recognizable.

The important thing to keep in mind is that when you are taking the pictures, think about it from the lens of the buyer. The item that you are selling should be the central point of whatever you are taking pictures of to make sure that you show everything that you are selling. If the item has any cracks/damages/stains any potential blemishes or concerns that a buyer might have if they were to buy that particular item it should be illustrated in the images.

For example, if you’re selling radio and there are cracks or damages on the item you are going to want to make sure that you include that in your pictures in your listing. So that you are not deceiving the buyers. 

This is super important because it can reduce the number of questions that you get about the product and also that it is an honest listing and they know what they are getting into. 

Facebook Marketplace has a Condition’s Tab that allows you to insert the Condition of the product. They are New, Used Like New, Used Good, and Used Fair. Be sure that you are honest in your assessment because it is a bad idea or poor business ethics to mislead buyers and they might walk away later in the deal. If you lie or forget or leave out to mention any details about the product. 

2nd Step – Is your desired pricing as well as the terms of that pricing.

Be sure to clearly state how much you want for the item and whether or not you are open to the best offer or not open to negotiations. A great idea is to evaluate the similar item(s) at the marketplace and then figure out what you believe the item you have is in terms of the fair market value then you price anywhere between the lower to middle end of the price range. The reason why I do this is because I sell to get rid of things because I don’t like having them around but in the case where you are trying to optimize for your Return On Investment (ROI) then you might want to list something in between the middle to the higher end of the range. 

Look at comparable listings in your item area, how are people pricing the item, how long have their listings been up, if their listings have been up for more than three weeks then they have probably priced the item too high. On the other hand, if the item is priced too low it will be out of the market in no time.

Find that optimal range of price that will allow you to list with confidence when it comes to your own listing. 

Keep in mind if you list this same product on eBay or Amazon you generally will pay anywhere between 8% to 15% fees off your final price whereas compared to Facebook Marketplace where there is a 0% charging fee.

3rd Step – Is to write a clear descriptive listing.

We recommend that you do this in a word document or a notes app so that you can easily repost it to multiple places whether that is on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, etc.

The number one reason why people struggle when it comes to selling on Facebook Marketplace is that they do not make it easy for people to buy because of their lack of information on their listings and it is not clear.

The first one is to have a title that is keyword optimized. Meaning you are going to include a few key things for example proper capitalization and specificity. If you do not know the specific brand of what you are selling, describe the item that you are selling including things such as the color, the condition as well as a benefit of that item to the buyer. 

For example, it’s way better to use a title like “Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110 | Excellent Condition” than it is to say “Black Headphones”.

Include in the description area of your listing is the clear benefits the product brings to the buyer. If you can give clear benefits to your potential buyers they can get more emotional about their purchase and then be more compelled to buy your item. To help entice your buyer is to share the percentage savings that they stand to gain from buying your item as opposed to new item retail. Another effective way is to bundle your items.

For example, if you’re selling a mobile phone you can include things such as a memory card, rubber protective case, fast charging adapter with charging cord, then you can total what the retail is for all those items and provide what seems to be a very great deal for anybody that is looking at your listing.

Include in the description area of your listing are the preferred payment method for example Venmo, PayPal, Cash, etc, and then also the desired pickup point and time.

For example Monday through Saturday after 5 pm or only on weekends at 5 pm.

Be very specific on that so that you can make coordination of logistics super simple, a good tip to limit the number of hagglers that come to your listing. Is to be sure to include in your description that you are not open to negotiation because this is one of the most competitive prices they’ll find online. This will help limit those that just lowball you and throw you offers that waste your time. The other thing that you can keep in mind is that you can always use this listing again in other marketplaces. For example, listing this same product on Craigslist or Amazon. 

Personally I usually just list things on Facebook Marketplace now because it’s super fast and messenger capability is way better than the old school email methods of Craigslist. 

4th Step – Is To Follow Up With All Of Your Leads.

As the seller, you need to be testing potential buyers on their true interest in your item. The key to filtering out bad leads from good leads is to be direct and cordial in your communication. You want to quickly be talking to the customer about two or three times that could work for both of you to meet up and exchange the item. The reason why is because people that are not interested in your item are just going to flake right out. People that are more interested in your item are going to start talking about potential days, times, and places that they can meet to pick up the item.  

Do not be afraid to have backups to your top potential buyer. Because on Facebook Marketplace a deal is not done until that actual item has been exchanged with the buyer and payment was received by the seller. You are free to talk to as many potential buyers as you like because it’s no different on the other side of the market. The potential buyers are able to talk to as many sellers as they’d like and negotiate with all of those sellers in order to get the best deal for themselves.  

The main thing is to get the logistics in place to make a deal happen and get the best deal for your product. One of the big advantages to selling on Facebook Marketplace versus an old-school garage sale or another method of reselling a used product is that you get to actually decide when you want to sell and when you don’t want to sell your item.


The two main things I would like for you to take away from this article is firstly make sure that you position your listing from the lens of the buyer, write in the benefits the product will bring and help them visualize how their life would look like with your item.

Secondly is to make sure that you follow up with all of your leads. Anybody that reaches out to you is better than every other user on Facebook that didn’t reach out to you so make sure that you capitalize on every potential opportunity for you to sell your item. 

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