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Useful Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Useful Best Google Chrome Extensions to enhance your productivity for persons working online such as Digital Marketers and Content Creators.

The list below is amazingly useful and helpful Chrome Extensions:


Grammarly’s Chrome Extension helps you with your writing online especially if you are constantly writing emails, writing a blog post, or just simply replying to someone on WhatsApp Web.

It saves you embarrassment by outlining your spelling errors, punctuation, wrongly worded phrases, and reducing wordiness before you can send the message out. Grammarly will automatically fix everything you are writing. You can start totally free but there is a paid version to lock more features.


vidIQ Google Chrome Extension is extremely useful if you are a video creator. It will give you extra analytics at a glance that you would not get otherwise.

So for example, once you do a search on YouTube you don’t need to go to the creator’s channel to see how many youtube followers the channel has as you can see it right away.

On the right sidebar, you can see the vidIQ’s panel giving me more analytics like “Average View”, “Average Subscribers of the creator”, “Competitor Analysis” this gives you an idea of what to expect an overall score. It also gives the “Top Channel for the search term” and “Top Related Opportunities”.

In addition to all these features, one of the most powerful tools of vidIQ tools is the “Keyword Inspector”. Simply go to the drop-down icon on vidIQ and go to “Keyword Inspector” and now you can search up to 5 keywords. It will give you the search volume as in how many times this particular search term gets searched every single month the competition for the keyword you entered. You can also see some related keywords that you can target for your videos. So in my video title and the description that you can add to your videos. And if you are running out of content ideas you can look at some of these keyword suggestions.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension is a great keyword research tool that we like to use here at “The Correct Choice”. Keywords Everywhere will show you the search volume, cost per click (CPC), competition, and trend data.

Once you install Keywords Everywhere you will see this extra analytics box showing the trend data as well as the search volume. It also gives the related keywords on the right-hand side of the Google Search results.

It gives you suggestions on what other keywords people are searching for. You can use this data to come up with ideas to create a blog post or other pieces of content so you can potentially rank for those keywords on Google or other search engines.


ColorZilla Chromo Extension allows you to get any color from anyone’s webpage.

So let’s say you like a particular color on someone’s website and you are not sure what color it is and will like to obtain the color code for the RGB combination. ColourZilla Chrome Extension will help you obtain this color.

Go to ColourZilla and click on “Pick Color From Page” this will simply enable the chrome extension and you simply drag your cursor over the color you like and click on it and you will get the color and now you can copy it and save it.


The WhatFont Google Chrome Extension helps you to determine what type of font was used on the website.

If you are on a website and you want to know the font used you can simply go to the WhatFont icon click on it and then go to the font you will like to know the information about it. You can know the font family, the size, the weight.

You can know everything about that font on any website on any webpage online.


This Google Chrome Extension will take a screenshot of a full webpage from top to bottom.

For example, if you want to take an entire screenshot of this webpage you are currently reading or any webpage on the internet. All you need to do is head to your extension section and click on the “Go Full Page Icon”. This will then take a screen capture of everything on this webpage and within seconds you will have a full webpage as an image and screenshot.

Now you can either download it as a PDF file or download it as a PNG image file.


The Google Chrome Extension GMass is a powerful mail merge for Gmail. It is a small application that will turn your Gmail account into an email marketing application.

How does it work? When you click on the “Compose” button to send an email you will see at the bottom of the window a red “GMass” button has been added email window. When you click on it you can personalize emails, do follow-ups, schedules, you can add an email list, can send bulk emails, link checkers.

It is like a full email automation software inside Gmail. It is a perfect chrome extension solution for email marketers and it is totally free.

Window Resizer

Window Resizer Chrome Extension you are able to resize your chrome browser. Sits on Top of all the other Chomo Extensions. You can preselect the different sizes in terms of resolution and dimensions. This would come in handy if you are designing a website and you want to see what it looks like in a particular resolution.

To create your own custom size window all you need to do is click on settings, go to presets. This is where you can edit and add any presents you want.


LastPass is a Chrome Extension that is a password management tool. You can either go to “Open My Fault” which contains all your passwords.

Just like your built-in browser password management system, it auto-fills your username and password saving you time in logging in. We also find the “Generate Secure Password” tool to be very helpful. So let’s say you want to create a new password all you need to do is choose the length. So for example let’s say you select 17 characters and you can chose uppercase and/or lowercase, numbers and symbols combination of all and then save that particular password.

Another cool feature of LastPass is that it syncs and works well with the LastPass App whether you are using an Android or iPhone mobile cellular phone.


Rebrandly Google Chrome Extension is a link shortener and tracking tool.

One use case is if you have a very long URL address you can brand it with a shorter link. So let’s say your custom link forward-slash keyword. So that keyword could be anything.

What we like about Rebrandly is that you can use your own custom branded domain name. So you can register for your personal domain name. So now you can have a shorten link so now you can have your domain name forward slash and anything you want. Alternatively, you can use their rebrand shortened links however we find Facebook tends to block these links shorten services such as and Rebrandly.

So the best practice is to register your domain name and then link it to your Rebandly account. On the backend, you can see the number of links shortened and the number of clicks that you have generated. And when you have a new link you want to shorten, click on the “New Link” button paste in the destination URL address, choose your branded link, in the “Slash tag” field add whatever name you will like to name the link and then click on the “Create Link” button.

Clicking on any one of the links you generated will give you the analytics for that particular link and it will show you the days of those clicks. It also shows you the countries and the “Unique Clicks” and “Non-unique Clicks” and a lot more analytics and data.


SimilarWeb is a Google Chrome Extension we use almost every day. If you are surfing any website and you will like to know how much traffic this website is getting, you simply click on the SimilarWeb icon and it will give you a slider that appears on the right-hand side of the website you a looking at.

It gives a brief summary such as the Global Rank, Country Rank, Traffic Over Months, Bounce Rate, Page Per Visit. You will get details about the website you looking at as well as the Geography, the Top Traffic Sources just to name a few pieces of information you will obtain.

It also allows you to check to see if it is a valid/real website. You can use this tool to find out details about your competitors.

Notion Web Clipper

Notion Web Clipper Google Chrome Extension How does it work? Let’s say you come across a blog post or a YouTube video that you find interesting but you do not have time to watch it or read it at the time. You can favorite it and put it into your reading list.

So the Notion Web Clipper sits at the top of the Chrome Extensions. When you click on the icon you can add the title, describe it the way you want or you can use the default name set by Notion Web Clipper. You then select the particular Notion Workspace that you want to add it to. Then click on “Save page”, it then adds it to that Notion Workspace.


Speechify Chrome Extension reads out any text on a website. Once installed you can find the Speechify Google Chrome Extension next to all the installed Chrome Extension on top. Enable the extension by clicking on it. Now you can listen to that blog article so it reads the article out loud. You change the speed of the voiceover. You can also change your voice. Speechify will come in handy if you are doing work and you want to multitask so you are playing a particular article or blog post while at the same time you are working on designing or composing something else and it aids as a tool for the hearing impaired.


These Chrome Extensions will make you more productive, more organized and overall make your life a lot easier.