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9 Website Design Tips to Implement Today in 2023

I see many common mistakes that people make on their website so today I want to give you 9 website design tips to implement today on how to improve your website design.

1. Buttons & Links Need to Look clickable

If you want someone to click on your buttons and links they need to stand out and look clickable.

Do this by using a different colour that stands out.

Add a hover effect.

Make them big enough to see.

2. Using Readable Fonts

Use simple sans serif fonts for the most part like Helvetica, Roboto, Montserrat, Raleway, etc.

These fonts are easier to read than fancy serif and handwritten fonts.

Therefore people will be more likely to read more of your content.

3. Use adequate white space

You should have enough consistent white space between different sections and elements on your website.

This allows your content to breathe and makes it easier to digest.

4. Avoid abrasive and sudden pop-ups

Pop-ups should be used sparingly on websites.

If someone sees a pop-up as soon as they land on your page, chances are they will click off.

Only use them when you have to (checkout pages, cookie consent banners, etc.)

5. Use A font size of at least 16px or 1 REM

Using anything less than these sizes is going to make the text hard to read for some people.

So stick to these sizes or above.

6. Use a fast hosting service

You want your website to load fast. If you cheap out on website hosting your site might take a long time to load.

Instead, pay a bit extra for a better hosting package.

7. Optimize your images

If you upload your images without optimization the file size is probably going to be very high, causing your website to load slower.

Instead, use a site like Sqooush or Tiny PNG to optimize your images and lower the file size so your site loads quickly.

8. Avoid big paragraphs

Break up your paragraphs into 2-3 lines max. Any bigger and people won’t be able to scan the content and be overwhelmed by the amount of text and might click off your site. Make it small and easier to read.

9. Use a contact form instead of a CTA section

If a page gets a lot of traffic and the goal is to get contacts and leads for your business. Use a form on that page instead of the contact me now button. This makes it easier and faster for people to contact you.

Bonus Tip

Include reviews and testimonials

This helps build trust with your audience and potential clients so if you have them make sure to use them.


The tips outlined above are good website design tips to implement today. These tips can be used in small businesses, eCommerce websites, church website